Through A Glass Photo: Blog en-us (C) Through A Glass Photo (Through A Glass Photo) Sun, 06 Apr 2014 03:16:00 GMT Sun, 06 Apr 2014 03:16:00 GMT Through A Glass Photo: Blog 80 120 OUR STORY THUS FAR So I moved from California to Oregon and arrived at the new digs on February 28; I royally fucked up my back fifteen minutes after i got here, and my mother had a stroke two days later in Santa Barbara, which didn't help me feeling good about moving - at all. Four chiropractor visits later and my back isn't much better. I've spent the last month unpacking, with some help from Maria, but it's been very slow going. Some days just getting out of the rack takes major effort and too many painkillers; I've gone through a month's worth of Vicodin in two weeks, and can't get any more until I find a new local medic. The one I'd expected to use isn't taking new patients and I'll have to look in Newport....

On a good note my mother is improving, and back in her apartment, but she's lost her 'spark,' her drive, and it's depressing to hear her down all the time. I try to cheer her up, but she's depressed that she'll never see my house except possibly by FaceTime as she can't travel any more. I'm afraid it's just going to be downhill for her from here on and there isn't a damned thing I can do about it.

I've had some great shoots since I've been here, and have many more planned; fun in the jacuzzi with Maria, a stellar set with Gwen clad in nothing but rhinestones, now up on Diverxity, another of her in a mess jacket and her red thigh boots, and three sequential sets shot at Seal Rock; and my first double sets with Maria and Gwen 'Good Clean Fun' parts one and two, all submitted and going live over the next two weeks.

Next week I'll be shooting Terryann here in a Steampunk set and at Seal Rock in rhinestones and a plaid, hopefully at high tide for maximum wave effect, then Maria again and Marissa Armas from Eugene some time this month before I head south for the Woodland Highland Games and to see Mom....

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FOOLED AGAIN So you work with someone for a while, and establish a friendship that's almost instinctive, the two of you are like Calvin and Hobbes, coming up with crazy ideas and shooting concepts...and then it slowly dawns on you that you're being had, you're being used, and there's no real friendship there at all. So it was with XXXX. From "I'll be a little late" - which turned into 1 am, to sob stories about an (ex) boyfriend, her slob of a sister, her parents, her car...yet she always managed to go on any trip. She wheedled money out of me for a computer, then claimed it went for a lawyer for her parents, which was likely utter bullshit, because I couldn't find an arrest record. She claimed she was 'practically homeless, couch-surfing at differnt friends or living in the van' - which is registered in Oregon and had no insurance for several months; then when I drove 2-1/2 hours up there to shoot a photo set, it was obvious that she's been living with her sister all along, so she's nothing but a little liar and a thief.

When I found out she was selling prints on DeviantArt (she's since taken them down) I confronted her about it, told her it was unethical and a breach of faith, and, as a result, I was canceling our scheduled sessions this coming week. She went ballistic, called me all sorts of childish names, and has since slandered me on Facebook and probably elsewhere. I have three sets that will never see the light of day, they've cost me about $1000, so there's a nice little tax deduction. In addition she's refused to return $400 worth of clothing she borrowed for Burning Man, saying that it's an 'asshole tax.'

Needless to say I won't let anything like this happen again. Fool me once....

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Sorry for being absent.... Shot the extremely lovely CleoRoseMicheline on Tuesday the 7th and finished editing three sets tonight. 'The Queen of Mean' set is submitted to Zivity in the 'red and black' prize, and 'Josephine' and 'Little Miss Mercenary' will go in tomorrow, in the 'new model' and 'soldier girl' prizes. I definitely will be working with Cleo a LOT....

I certainly hope these sets do better than my last set. I really put my heart and soul into 'Juliette,' and it's been a monumental flop. It didn't get an EP and I've had to beg for votes for it....I'm still planning more shoots with NYMPH, including one based on a Sargent painting and a very exciting shoot using a body paint artist, so keep looking!

BTW I was barred from Farcebook - AGAIN! They're threatening to make it permanent, the rotten little fuckers!

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The Great Oregonal November Shooting Spree was a total success: six models shot, eight (maybe nine) sets for Zivity to edit (four down so far, three already up), 2200 miles driven without incident, and a good time was had by all. Next trip north is scheduled for July, at least six more solo shoots and one or possibly two group shoots of 'The Ladies of Hollywood 1930-1945' with models as Jean Harlow, Greta Garbo, Veronica Lake, Rita Hayworth, Delores Del Rio, Fanny Brice, Mae West, and others. 

I'm still getting used to digital editing, learning Photoshop and Lightroom as I go along, this transition from film to digital isn't easy....but it IS interesting!

If you are interested in buying a print please contact me direct at

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